Problems encountered in mercedes benz

Some of the problems that Silver Star is ready to end on your mercedes-benz

Mercedes-Benz is a brand that you can absolutely trust when it comes to a combination of luxury and performance.

As a general rule, German cars are considered very reliable and Mercedes are often considered the king of the German car brands.

However ,while there is no doubt they make very desirable cars, they are not immune to common issues deriving from poor design, component choice or even technology issues.

Below listed are some of the huge predicaments that SilverStar is ready to end;

*noisy struts in E class models
*damage to the insulation in engine harness wires
*oil leaks in electronic transmissions
*inaccurate measurement from the mass airflow sensor
*ignition failure from old spark plugs

Below listed are some of the common problems SilverStar is there for;
*thrust link and control arm bushings
*engine mounts
*electric window problems

*air suspension problems
*catalytic converters
*automatics gearbox issues
*crank sensor

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