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Not only do we care about your safety and the proper functioning of your car, We also care about your family and those close to you. That's why we will always go a step further to make sure that what will compromise your safety and that of your loved ones is quickly resolved before it can cause harm. We don't consider you as our client, rather as part of our extended family, meaning whatever problems you'll experience with your car, we are just one call away.


Vehicle service
Available with or without an appointment, Our Service is dedicated vehicle care in the shortest time possible. With professional diagnostic technicians working on your Mercedes-Benz using the latest tools and tests, it’s a comprehensive and complete way to get thorough service – in less time than you think.
Convenient, comprehensive, and contact free, our Pick and Drop Service brings exceptional care right to you. So while you get on with your day, we'll pick up your Mercedes-Benz or Jeep ensure that it's running smoothly, we fumigate it, then we bring it back to you.


Vehicle maintenance
Our trained workshop personnel is dedicated to providing you with expert knowledge and service. Hit the road with confidence knowing your car has been thoroughly inspected with a level of detail only a professional Mercedes and Jeep mechanic can offer.
Regular maintenance keeps your car protected and running smoothly, our professional staff will reach out to you when its now time to service or do a machine check to make sure everything is functioning properly.


machine check and autodiagnostics
Not knowing whats wrong with your car is common, after all, not everyone is a mechanic, hence our expert workshop personnel is always ready to do a full machine check and a vehicle auto-diagnostic on your Mercedes Benz or Jeep.
A detailed diagnostic report will be given you, showing you whats wrong with your car and what type of service is needed, our service advisor will always be available to help you with any questions you might have.


mercedes benz and jeep genuine spare parts
Some road accidents in Zimbabwe are caused by the poor state of vehicles on the road and counterfeit spare parts compromise the safety and integrity of your vehicle.At SilverStar Mercedes we supply genuine spare parts that increase the lifespan and integrity of your vehicle.
With a wide range and a full catalog of original parts available we are sure you will be able to find exactly what you need.

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